Power Couples

Hey Cats!

There’s just something about winter that makes people want to announce that they’ve found themselves in a perfect match. Maybe it’s the dawn of a new year, maybe it’s because people get bored when they have time off, maybe it’s because they’re tired of people thinking that asking about their future direction in life is an appropriate smalltalk topic- who knows, really (definitely not me). All I know is that new and surprising couples are popping up all over the place, and I’m all about it. Here are a few new relationships that have caught my attention:

1. Lilly Pulitzer for Target:


This is like that time your friend that knows literally everyone on campus dated that guy that also knows literally everyone and they became The Favorite Couple in all circles. Both Lilly Pulitzer and Target are powerhouses in their own right, so put them together and people (read: college girls across America) are LOSING THEIR MINDS. The combination of country club chic with Target’s “Expect More. Pay Less” mantra seems a little counter-intuitive at first: how is this high-end brand with a very specific target audience going to fly at a major discount retailer? But it’s like the first time you dip your french fries in your milkshake- you’re a little skeptical, but crap, that’s good and you’re not really sure why. I’ve never super loved any of Target’s designer collaborations- the products always appear to be noticeably different than the original designs. Which could very well happen again with this Lilly Pulitzer partnership- but I’m holding out hope. Also, whoever negotiated this deal is my hero, and I hope you get a bonus or extra vacation time or something, because you’ve done a great job.

2. Kate Spade Saturday + West Elm


This is the couple that was set up through a mutual friend because they’re both “so chill”, and the girl is real cute, but also a little quirky and awkward so she has a hard time talking to boys, but somehow it worked this time. Kate Spade Saturday is one of my favorite brands because of their bright-colored patterns and unique pieces, and West Elm offers a wide variety of modern, quality pieces for the home, with a commitment to Fair Trade and socially-conscious business practices. Together, they bring us a fun collection of sleek and chic decor that would be perfect for your first apartment.  I like how both brands are clearly apparent in each piece- classic West Elm shapes with eye-catching Saturday prints. A few of my favorites? The Anders Chair, this wool rug, and this geometric garment rack.

3. Kate Spade Saturday + New Balance


This is like when your best friend starts dating someone and you just know they’re going to get married because it’s simply a perfect match. I saw this while scrolling through Instagram the other day, and basically lost my mind. Mostly because I just bought new tennis shoes to wear to class, or I totally would pre-order some ASAP. Kate Spade Saturday is really putting herself out there this year! The shoes have classic New Balance sneaker shape, with fun Saturday style. I love this couple because it gives you both a colorful, trendy look without sacrificing comfort and support that we’re all looking for in a sneaker. My favorite pair is definitely the Freestyle– how cute would these be strolling to class or in the gym? Okay, I’ll probably have a pair in the next couple of months.

What’s your favorite collaboration for Spring 2015? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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