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I never know what to do with myself on winter break after Christmas is over. It’s always so busy the week of Christmas with shopping, cooking, wrapping presents, and visiting family that once December 26th rolls around, everything halts and I’m left with a shirt box full of candy and nothing but time. Lately, I’ve been running errands with my mom, blogging, not working out and then freaking out about it, and trying to talk myself into starting to apply for real jobs (it’s not working so help please, I’m almost an adult). Since I haven’t had this much time off since last winter break, I’ve been relishing the time I have to relax, but I’m starting to feel like a bum- yikes! Hopefully I can find something productive but still fun to do over the next few weeks!

Two of my favorite trends lately have been big florals and fur vests. Now, I know it’s usually frowned upon to combine multiple trends, but I really love how they look together!

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Dress- Forever 21, Fur Vest- Francesca’s, Booties-DSW, Earrings-Kendra Scott, Clutch- Marley Lillyc/o


I bought this dress for a date party a few weeks ago. I waited until the day of the party to go shopping, and was frantically running around the fabulous Post Oak Mall trying to find something that fit the “Florals & Flannels” theme and that would go with my cowboy boots, since it was two-stepping. Well, I found this, and I loved it so much that I honestly forgot about the cowboy boots and just bought it, and it happened to look really cute! Anyways, I couldn’t find it online, but I love this one, this one, and this one! I have been dying to wear it with my booties and tights, and then I got the idea to throw on one of the latest pieces that fuels my outerwear obsession, my fur vest, and I loved it! The fur makes it extra fancy, not to mention extra warm! This would be a great look for holiday parties, if those weren’t all over by now. Oops. But you could wear this on date night, or maybe even to a New Year’s party, if you’re not really into sequins (but I don’t know why you wouldn’t be)! Also, this dress has optimal twirl potential, so if you’re dancing, this is definitely the right choice.

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