Review- iPhone Case From Cali’s Cases

Hey Cats!

I have been wanting a monogrammed iPhone case ever since I got an iPhone, but I was afraid to get anything other than an OtterBox because of my clumsy nature. However, I recently decided that I was tired of my OtterBox, and it was time for something cuter! I have been searching for the perfect case for quite some time, and I finally came across Cali’s Cases on Etsy. She has tons of options for every taste, and they very affordable!


I chose this adorable leopard print with a hot pink monogram, because the animal print made me feel really fierce and fabulous. I chose the rubber case, since I felt like it would protect my phone the best. Cali’s ships amazingly fast; I ordered the case on Wednesday and received it on Saturday! Also, the case is more durable than I thought it was going to be. The rubber isn’t flimsy, and the back printed portion of the case is a hard plastic. I was worried about it not protecting my phone as well as my OtterBox, but I think it will hold up pretty well! It’s also a lot slimmer and less bulky than my OtterBox, which is great! So, if you’re looking for a monogrammed iPhone case, I would definitely recommend Cali’s Cases. She also has iPad cases, monogrammed tumblers, decals, keychains, and more affordable monogrammed items! Cali has also offered 10% off of an order for Sweet Cats! readers! Just enter the coupon code “10OFF” when you check out! Let me know how you like it!

That’s all for meow!