Fall Shopping List

Hey Cats!

Fall is upon us! Well, here in Houston, fall is still working on making its entrance. It’s being a little shy, but hopefully it will be here to stay within the next couple of weeks! Until now, it’s been too hot (I’m talking still in the 90s) to wear fall clothes, so I’m a little late to the autumn wardrobe party. However, last weekend I went shopping and got a bit more inspiration for my fall must-have list. Here’s what I’m wanting this season:

1. Blanket Scarves

ML blanket scarf

ALL OF THEM. Just kidding, I’m going to limit myself to only buying one (okay, maybe two) this season, mainly because I’m not sure how many opportunities I’m going to have to wear them this season. I’ve been told that it doesn’t even get very cold in Houston, and I honestly don’t like to bundle up if it’s not necessary. I have the classic, camel-colored plaid from last year (that I wore the CRAP out of), but I’m loving all of the monogrammed options from Marley Lilly! I’ve got my eye on the Jingle Green, Jade Plaid, and Royally Plaid.

2. Utility Jackets


I’ve been wanting this olive-colored outerwear for a couple of years now, so it’s probably time to get one! I love the color, and the relaxed silhouette is the perfect way to pull together a casual outfit. Plus, it looks like it’s not too heavy, which is perfect for this Texas autumn. The jacket pictured is from Sideline Sass, but I’m also loving this maroon JCrew option!

3. Patterned Open Cardigan

Old Navy Cardigan

I love a good cardigan, and I’m in need of some variety in my collection of knits. I have about 5 oatmeal-colored sweaters, and I love them all, but they’re all basically the same. The pattern on this Old Navy cardigan is perfect for fall, and would pair well with a solid tee or a chambray!

4. Destroyed Denim


As you may have noticed, ripped jeans are back. I was actually talking to my sister about this last week, and she said she found some from high school that still fit, so she can be trendy without spending any money! Unfortunately, the first time that trend rolled around, I was in middle school and my parents bought all of my clothes, and they weren’t big fans of the destroyed denim look, so I don’t have any. Anyways, these girlfriend jeans from Gap are definitely on my list. I actually just bought a dark-wash pair a couple of weeks ago, and I love the fit! I’m also a fan of cuffed jeans with loafers or booties, so these will be perfect for my fall footwear!

5. Black Booties

Nordstrom-black booties

Okay, so I actually already have a pair of black booties, but they have heels so obviously, I need some that are flat. My brown booties are a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe, but sometimes I find myself wishing I had black as well! This Topshop pair from Nordstrom fits the bill perfectly- simple, but the strap detail keeps it from being boring. These would pair well with a piko top and some black jeans for a sleek and chic look.

What are your must-haves for fall? Let me know!

Red, White, and Blue

Hey Cats!

Hopefully everyone’s week is off to a good start! And even if it’s not, it’s going to be a short week, so you won’t have to deal with it for a long time. I’m excited to get a chance to sleep late an extra day, and maybe go shopping because #payday. Except maybe not because I’m still terrified to spend money because I’m still trying to learn how to be an adult. But I digress.

July 4th is such a fun holiday in my opinion. I wish more holidays were in the summer, just because it’s more fun to be at the lake or outside than inside and cold. Also, I love picking out a red, white, and blue outfit to wear to whatever get-together I’ll be attending. I bought a super cute red bandana-like tank last summer, and I’ve promised myself that I was going to wear that with my blue jean shorts. But if I hadn’t planned ahead, which is usually the case, here are a few things I would be considering for the 4th!

firework shorts

How adorable are these Fireworks shorts from Old Navy? I almost want to go buy them and wear them instead of my other shirt! Plus, they’re under $15 right now, which gives you a great excuse to run out and buy them if you don’t know what you’re wearing yet. Paired with a white eyelet tank or a red solid tee, these would be the perfect pants for a backyard barbecue!


This flag scarf from Sideline Sass would be the perfect way to spice up an outfit of basic pieces, like white jeans and a black tank. But only if you’re planning on being inside, because hot.


If you’re looking for a slightly more girly option, a sundress is a perfect choice. This Monterey Tank dress from Lilly Pulitzer is a wonderful combination of patriotic and feminine, mostly because it has a little touch of pink!


If you’re planning at hanging out by the pool or at the lake all day, this Stars & Stripes bikini is an easy way to squeeze red, white, and blue into your day. Pair this with a cute cover-up and lots of sunscreen!

And as always, it’s not the 4th of July without this little gem:

pauletteI hope you all look like a true patriot this Independence Day, whatever you choose to wear. That’s what Paulette would want.

A Shorts Story

Hey Cats!

It may be the end of June, but it’s finally starting to feel like summer in Houston! It’s warmer, and most importantly, it’s finally stopped raining…at least for about a week. I love shorts, sundresses, sandals, and tanks, so whenever summer weather rolls around, I get really excited! Unfortunately, I can’t wear too much of that to work, but I don’t think that will stop me from buying a whole closet full anyways.

The first thing I get excited about is sandals, because free feet, obviously. Following closely behind that is shorts, because my legs can also be free. Basically, I don’t like to be trapped in clothing of any kind, and summer is a great time to give my appendages a chance to breathe. This summer, I’ve had my eye on a few pairs of shorts that I’d love to add to my closet. I’ve previously discussed the importance of a good pair of denim shorts, and the basic color chinos everyone needs, so what I’m looking at this season is a little less practical, but a lot more fun.


These Buttercup Scallop Hem shorts from Lilly Pulitzer are everything I want to be in life: cute, classic, a little unexpected, and an all-around favorite. I mean, they’re scalloped, what more could you want? I am definitely planning on taking a pair of these home for myself, once I decide what pattern I want…they’re all so pretty! These would look cute with a solid, loose-fitting tee and sandals for brunch, or with a chambray and a pair of wedges for dinner at the beach!


Up next are these JCrew Factory chinos in Alpine Blue. Honestly, you can never have too many chinos, and it’s my personal mission to own every color. Last summer I bought the festival blue, and in addition to this pair, I want the vibrant flame pair, too. The thing I love about JCrew chinos is that they’re durable, classic, flattering, and you can always get a good deal on them if you just keep your eye on the website! They’re actually $19.50 right now, but I’m working on not spending all my money, so I’m going to have to control myself until I get my next paycheck. Pray for me.


These Larkin shorts from Sideline Sass would be perfect for going out! They’re fancy and fun, but they also have an elastic waistband which is always a dream come true. The girly lace trim is also a nice touch. These could be dressed up or down, but I think they would be perfect paired with a navy tank, a tassel necklace, and sandals for a casual night out.


These tassel shorts from SheInside are a great way to have a little fun without going too crazy. I’m loving the tassel trend this summer, and this would be an easy way to give it a try. Plus, they’re under $15 right now! These would look great with a crisp, white structured top, or even over a swimsuit at the beach or pool.

What shorts are you thinking about adding to your closet this year? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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Poolside Style- My Favorite Cover-Ups

Hey Cats!

One of my favorite things about moving to a new town is exploring and finding new favorites. Favorite stores, favorite routes to work, and most importantly, favorite restaurants. I’ve found a few, but one thing I haven’t found is a new favorite place to get tacos. (MISS YOU, FUEGO. And Rosa’s. And Torchy’s. and the rest of the College Station taco scene. Ugh, it was so good). If you know me, you know that tacos make my world go round, and I typically can’t go a week without having one. But I’ve gone two, (almost three), and I’m DYING. There is a Taco Cabana right across from my apartment, but Taco Cabana is only for desperate times. Which it appears we are nearing. So this weekend, I’ve decided that I’m going to start my search for my new favorite taco stand. Because that’s what you do when you live by yourself and don’t have friends yet.

So now that we’ve talked about food, let’s talk about swimsuits. I usually buy a new swimsuit each summer depending on what’s new and trending that year. However, I have been looking for months and still haven’t found one that I love. So I’ve decided that this year, instead of a new suit, I will invest in a cute cover-up instead! I’m really loving both the caftan and kimono styles this year. They’re breezy, cover everything, and there’s so many options! I’ve gathered up a few options to share with you all:

collage pt. 1

This Lace Mesh caftan from Target is a great, affordable option, and since it’s white, it will coordinate with almost any swim suit. I also love the lace pattern, it’s classic and feminine. The second option is definitely a splurge, but this Lilly Pulitzer Avette Caftan is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pattern, the shape, and of course the tassels. This would be great walking to and from the beach, or you could even wear it to a pool party. (Are pool parties still a thing? I hope so.)

collage pt. 3

The bright color combination of this Poolside Pretty Please coverup from Sideline Sass is perfect for a day at the beach! I also love how the tassel trim outlines the entire shape of the dress. The last option is from SheInside, and has a super bohemian vibe that I really like. This would be great for an afternoon of laying out with friends!

Which one is your favorite? Choose it, buy it, and then go to Sonic happy hour to get a cherry limeade and stay at the pool all day.

That’s all for meow!

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Sideline Sass Boutique

Hey Cats!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day this weekend- I know I did! My roommates and I went to dinner Friday night, and on Saturday I went to an Aggie baseball game with some of my friends. I’ll be honest- baseball isn’t exactly my favorite sport (I told one of my guy friends that it was the first time I’d ever stayed all nine innings at a baseball game and he was appalled). However, Aggie baseball is a different experience- the student section is quite hilarious.

My all-time favorite college sport is Aggie football, obviously. I’ve been lucky to witness some exciting things since I came to Texas A&M in the Fall of 2011- the move to the SEC, a shocking win over #1 ranked Alabama in 2012, and, of course, Johnny Manziel. There’s nothing that compares to gameday in Aggieland, and one of my favorite parts of gameday is getting dressed up. For real.

Ever since we entered the SEC, gameday style has gotten increasingly more formal. My freshman year I would wear Nike shorts and a maroon tee shirt, but the tables have definitely turned! Unfortunately, it’s really challenging to find Aggie maroon. There’s raspberry, crimson, and red galore, but if you find something that fits in true Aggie maroon, it’s a poor choice to not buy it immediately. I recently stumbled across Sideline Sass, an Aggie-owned online boutique that carries a variety of affordable gameday attire- in the right maroon- it’s a miracle!

Some of my favorites:

maroon shorts

These Must Be Maroon shorts are definitely a staple for August and September games. I love the fun, floral pattern on these, it definitely dresses them up!

maroon sweater

Next is this Knit Together sweater. I love the solid panels on the shoulders mixed with the variegated body. This would be a great option for cooler, night games.

maroon dress

I also love this Flash Back dress. Dresses are by far my favorite game day outfits, simply because they’re effortless, yet still put together.

In addition to these and more maroon pieces, Sideline Sass has a wide array of clothing and accessories for many different styles and tastes. So if you’re an Aggie girl looking for gameday wear, or if you’re just looking for unique pieces to add to your closet, head over to Sideline Sass!

*All images have been used with permission from Sideline Sass.*

That’s all for meow!

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