Still Not a Hipster.

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Oh sorry, that’s just me still dying laughing about The Bachelor premiere last night. Where do they find these girls? I know it’s the first night, and some of them will calm down in a few weeks, but there seems to be an extra dose of crazy this season. I mean, we had crazy eyes, dance lessons (okay, what?), and sooo much white-girl wasted.  Which is actually fine, because that just gives me more sassy comments to make to my roommates and more “is she serious” Snapchats to send to my friends. That’s why I love this show, not because of the “romance” or “true love”, but because it’s always an absolute trainwreck.

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Flannel:JCPenney, Graphic Tee:Old Navy(sold out, similar), Jeans:Levi’s, Purse:kate spade, (sold out, similar), Shoes:similar

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, before it got unbearably cold. It’s a little more edgy than what I would usually wear…some might even call it a little…hipster. But I’m going to use the word ‘edgy’, because becoming a hipster is one of my greatest fears in life. Besides, I’m wearing leopard print smoking slippers, so I think that knocks down the hipster points a bit, no? I really actually loved this outfit because it was so comfy, and great for running around town!

Also let’s talk about the glasses. I love my glasses, and I would definitely wear them more often if the prescription was up-to-date. I usually just wear them if I wake up late, or if I literally don’t care about anything that day, but today I thought they would look cute! Also, funny story: I wear daily contact lenses, and they come in boxes of 30. I have a three-month supply, but when I was packing, I only brought the box I was currently using, so I had like, less than 25 pairs to last me all Christmas break. OOPS. So I have been wearing my glasses occasionally to conserve contacts, and this was one of those days! But rest assured that I will not make the same mistake again, because I feel super lazy when I wear my glasses, and I’m pretty sure it’s not safe to drive in lenses this old. Especially when it’s nighttime and I’m driving my mom’s car. But we’re not going to tell anyone that I did that.

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Outfit of the Day- Summertime Scarf & Shorts

Hey Cats!

During the summer, I live in solid tees and JCrew shorts! I usually wear them by themselves, but tonight I decided to dress it up a bit!

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I started with a simple white tee from Old Navy and black chino shorts from JCrew Factory. I added my favorite scarf from Target for a pop of neon, and finished the look with my turquoise Elle earrings from Kendra Scott and these fabulous gold glitter smoking slippers, also from Target (I got them a while ago, so they don’t have them anymore!)
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