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Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their day off- I know I am! I plan on relaxing and running errands today, and I may squeeze in a trip to the pool if it’s not cloudy!

One of my favorite parts of working in an office environment is wearing business casual. I know that sounds silly, but it makes me feel put-together and professional, and it’s very different from the Nike shorts and leggings I wear to class. Thanks to my internship last summer, I already have a quite versatile office-appropriate wardrobe, but it’s always nice to expand! I went shopping Thursday, sort of looking for something new to wear to work, but mostly looking for something to do with my time. I wandered into Old Navy and found these Tuxedo Stripe Pixie Pants on clearance for $9! I tried them on and LOVED them. They’re a little trendy and edgy, but still office appropriate.

image (72)


photo (75)


image (73)

I wore these to work on Friday with my white flowy top from Loft (no longer available, but I love this one!). I decided to go with a simple, clean color scheme, and I half-tucked my top to give it a bit more of a put-together look. I added my nude Steve Madden pumps and Kendra Scott Morgan studs. I love the stripe down the leg, it adds a bit of interest to the classic black dress pant. Also, the nude pumps keep the ensemble classic, chic, and streamlined. This may be my new favorite outfit to wear to the office- it’s an updated version of business casual that’s just the right mix of professional and contemporary chic. I’m excited to see the many ways these pants will work in my wardrobe- both work and play!

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In My Closet- Neutral Heel Collection

Hey Cats!

It’s almost the weekend! I forgot how exciting the weekend is when you’re working- I’m loving my job, but it will be nice to have a break and maybe get some of that laundry done that’s piling up. It’s also Memorial Day weekend, so we get an extra day! Had I not just returned to College Station, I would go home to be with my family, but I’m just planning on staying here and relaxing (and probably watching Bravo until I become Heather Thomson- HOLLA). And blogging, of course.

“In My Closet”  is a series where I feature a piece (or four, in this case) that I personally own that I believe is a staple in the wardrobe of a fashion-forward young woman. Today, I’m highlighting my staple heels- black and nude, each in two different styles.

photo (74)


Now, this lineup of shoes might seem a bit excessive to some, and you know what? Maybe it is. But don’t you worry, I can definitely justify having two pairs of shoes in the same color. A large shoe family is a happy shoe family. Let’s start with the black heels.

image (71)

First are these Jessica Simpson platform pumps. I’ve had these ever since my sophomore year of college, and I absolutely love them. They’re a classic style, but also very tall and sassy (yet surprisingly easy to walk in). The rounded toe makes them an obvious choice for winter, and sometimes I feel that the matte leather simply looks better than the patent- but it depends on what I’m wearing, and what kind of mood I’m in. Also, they are the only heels I have that are tall enough to wear with a certain pair of dress pants, so sometimes I choose these out of necessity- I wouldn’t want to be tripping on my own pants!

image (70)


Next are these Jessica Simpson patent peep-toe heels. I got these for my cousin’s wedding, because she wanted us to have patent heels, and everyone else had peep-toe, so I obviously couldn’t be the odd bridesmaid out! I felt bad asking my mom for another pair of black heels, so I suggested we get a pair from Payless or Target, and she responded, “I don’t buy cheap shoes.” So that’s worked out well for me! I like the shorter height of these heels, they’re a more casual option, and more practical for everyday wear. If I wear heels to work (rare), I’ll wear these (or their nude twins), and my feet aren’t dying by the end of the day. As with the platform pumps, there are certain ensembles I feel simply look better with these shoes than the others- it just depends, and it’s always nice to have options!

image (69)



These Steve Madden pointed-toe pumps are basically my first true love. I searched for nude pumps that complimented my skin tone for YEARS before I came across these- I had finally found my sole mate. I love the matte leather and the pointed toe, it’s a very chic and timeless style. I usually wear these with more tailored, formal dresses, or black dress pants. They’re the Audrey Hepburn of my shoe family, and I will cherish them forever.

image (68)


Yes, these are the same Jessica Simpson pumps I have in black. I had them in pewter once, but I would wear them from my dorm to the parking garage my freshman year and destroyed the soles, so they’re no more. But there’s a reason I’ve had three pairs of these- they’re a great shoe, and a staple in my wardrobe. I bought these shoes for my sister’s wedding (weddings have done great things for my shoe family…I need to be in another one soon…), as we were wearing nude heels, and pointed-toe pumps would not have looked good with a floor-length gown. Again, I love these because they’re more casual, and I typically wear them with flowy sundresses, or when I’m going to be standing a long time. Another perk to having the same shoe in two different colors- I can wear either one with my suit- black for winter and fall, nude for spring and summer!

It’s definitely nice to have so many options, but it’s not completely necessary. I would suggest at least one pair of black heels and one pair of nude heels, each in basic, not too trendy styles. One of the two will match everything, and if you get a good pair, they’ll last forever! Classic heels are a great way to add instant polish to any ensemble, and are a staple for your single girl closet.

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Summer Must-Have — Sandals

Hey Cats!

One of my favorite parts of warmer weather is being able to wear sandals. I have a big problem with my feet being squished inside closed-toe shoes, because it’s just really confining, and my toes and I enjoy our freedom. Each spring when I dig my sandals from the depths of my closet, I see endless opportunities. I also tend to find one pair I’ve forgotten about, so that’s always a nice surprise! This year, I started out with less than usual, because I’d had a few pairs to break at the end of the summer. It was imperative that I replenish my supply, so over spring break, I found these precious coral sandals from Target on sale and I quickly made them the newest member of my shoe family.

coral sandal

These also matched my newest sorority tee at the time, so I was beyond thrilled. In addition, I had a pair of brown and black sandals and hot pink sandals, both from Target, both no longer available. This got me through the rest of the school year, but once I returned home, I realized that my black and brown pair were breaking, and I didn’t have any that went with EVERYTHING. So, back to Target I went, picking up the same sandal in black.

black sandals

These have become my favorite sandals. I can wear them with Norts and an oversized tee, any color chino shorts, and most of my dresses I wear to church and work. I also wear them to work multiple times a week, with any outfit! Now, let’s chat about sandals from Target. All of my sandals have come from Target, because they are cute and reasonably priced at $20 or less. I will admit, sometimes they tear up quickly, like my black and brown pair. But, less than $20 for a very versatile shoe for 1.5 summers? Worth it. On the other hand, I’ve had my hot pink pair since I was a junior in high school-almost 4 years! (STOP-it’s been that long? I’m old, help!). So what I’m getting at is, no one knows how long Target sandals will last, but if they’re cute and cheap, it’s definitely worth the purchase.

I didn’t intend for this post to turn into a Target Shoe Department advertisement, so I’ll share a few other pairs of sandals I’m loving this summer!

studded sandal

I absolutely ADORE these clear studded sandals from Steve Madden (available at Belk). I was planning to buy them for myself, and found them on sale, but when I actually tried them on, I didn’t like how they looked on my feet. But I’m sure they don’t make everyone look stubby, so if you like them, buy them and wear them for those who cannot (myself).


I also love these Sam Edelman shoes from Dillard’s. I think the mix of animal prints makes for a unique yet versatile shoe. I also love the pop of coral, and there’s something about the brown sole that I just love!

In my book, sandals are definitely a summer staple.  As you can see, there are limitless options to fit any wardrobe, taste, and budget- the only problem lies in deciding which ones you want!

What’s your favorite way to wear sandals in the summer?

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Outfit of the Day-Bachelorette Party!

Hey Cats!

My cousin’s bachelorette party was this past weekend, and it was a blast! We stayed in a precious hotel in downtown Dallas and had dinner and a lingerie shower. It was fun, but not too crazy, which was perfect! I was really excited to wear “going-out clothes”, since I don’t get to go out when I’m home. 

photo (22)

This navy skirt is one of my favorites! It’s BCBGeneration, and it’s the perfect going-out skirt! I paired it with this top from Loft, and my favorite wedges (they’re old and I couldn’t find them online, but I like these from Steve Madden, these (also Steve), and these from Jessica Simpson). I decided to go with a bold necklace and smaller earrings. I wore the Neely necklace from Kendra Scott with the Morgan studs, also from Kendra. I finished it off with a Lily and Laura bracelet, and my kate spade idiom bangle.

image (31)

Here’s my sea-star and I at the party! Did you know she blogs, too? Enter her awesome giveaway and check out her blog!

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Outfit of the Day- Sunday Steal

Hey Cats!

I usually try to post at least once a week if not more, but this past week and a half has been very busy! I finally got a job, so I’ve been working every day, and when I get home all I really want to do is lay down and play Candy Crush. I love having a job, but it’s hard getting used to working all the time! Also, last weekend I went to visit my old roommate/one of my good friends Ashley in College Station. It was great to see her and wonderful to be back, even if it was just for a little while! While I was there, I did a little shopping at a few of my favorite College Station-only spots, and I found this gorgeous dress on sale at Northgate Vintage for only $14.50! Talk about a steal. As you may know from one of my previous posts, I am obsessed with Northgate Vintage. It’s a great place to find pieces for your Single Girl Closet on your College Girl Budget.
photo (14)

I love the colors of this dress, and the floral/damask print! I also love the exposed, contrasting zipper. It’s very different from any of my other dresses, which is great because I feel like they’re all the same! I was really excited to wear this to church today, and here’s what I paired it with:

photo (16)

I chose my Steve Madden nude heels because I thought they would look great with the blush background of the dress, and my Kendra Scott Elle earrings in turquoise! I didn’t add a lot of jewelry because of the intricate pattern on the dress. While I am absolutely obsessed with this outfit, I want to be able to wear this dress in different ways! Any suggestions?

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