Trending Tuesday- Flash-Lens Sunglasses

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Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start- I know mine is! There are quite a few new opportunities for the blog, and I’m excited to share them all with you. But we’ll both have to be patient!

I’m sure you’ve all seen Ray Ban Flash Lens sunglasses on nearly every blogger, and all around town. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, but I’ve decided that I love the statement that the bright-colored lenses make. They’re great for summer, and one of my favorite trends right now.



I had planned on purchasing a pair of Ray Bans, but then I had to have a reality check. First of all, they’re expensive. I get that they’re high-quality, but I have a hard time spending a lot of money on something trendy. Also, I’m not the best with sunglasses. I tend to lose them in the lake, sit on them, or otherwise maim them to the point where they’re unwearable, so I typically don’t spend a lot on sunglasses. I decided to try and find a less expensive pair instead- and I did!

photo (84)


I found these little cuties at Charming Charlie for under $10, and I had to have them. They still have the aviator shape and the bright-colored, attention-catching lenses that I was looking for. I wear these every day with everything- to the lake, on my way to work, to the gym- you name it. This is a perfect example of single-girl style on a college-girl budget-I was able to try this trend and still have money left over!

What do you think about flash-lens sunglasses? Let me know!

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Single Girl Closet on a College Girl Budget-Baroque Sunglasses

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A while back I spotted Kourtney Kardashian wearing these fabulous Prada sunglasses and I immediately fell in love with them! (and also her turban-where can I find one of those?)


I did a little research, and discovered they were $290- way out of my college girl budget. Disappointed, I decided they weren’t meant to be and settled for a Target pair that had the big, round frames, but not the baroque detailing (which was my favorite part). However, one afternoon while catching up on my Bloglovin’ feed, I came across Amber from FACE IT Catalog wearing what I thought were the Prada sunnies I had been coveting. (Also, how fab is she? Her outfit posts are truly the best, and I have serious closet envy. This is probably a good time to also mention that this photo is used with permission from Amber!)

amber in sunglasses,

However, I scrolled down to view the outfit details, and discovered that she purchased her eyewear from Framework. I was overjoyed, especially when I reached the site and they were on sale for $3.94. Yes, less than $5. THEY WERE SO MEANT TO BE. I immediately typed in my credit card number and made them mine, and with shipping, the total was under $7. They were waiting for me when I arrived home from vacation Thursday night, which was just the best, and I am very pleased with them!

photo (21)

They are very chic, and add just the right amount of whimsy to your outfit. Also, I just feel absolutely fab when I wear them. Steals like this are the perfect way to build your Single Girl Closet on your College Girl Budget!

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Beach Essentials

Hey Cats!

My family and I are at the beach this week! I love the beach, so it’s great to be in the sun and have a small break from work! Today was our first full day, and it was absolutely perfect. I personally am not one to lay out on the beach all day- I like to play in the water and catch waves with my dad and sister! I always like to wear a hat at the beach, partly because it protects me from the sun, but mostly because it just makes me feel fabulous. I tried to find a floppy straw hat (Unfortunately I dropped mine in the ocean the last time we were at the beach and it’s ruined.), but it was impossible! I reluctantly settled for a fedora, which I kind of can’t believe since I have loathed them forever- but now, I love it! it’s not as big as a floppy hat, so I don’t have to worry about it getting in my way as much! While at Target purchasing the fedora, I came across the perfect beach nail polish, and it was on sale! This is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Man-go Team! My sister and I are both using it this week! And you know about my oversized round sunglasses that I got instead of the $290 Prada frames I loved. (I have news about this-coming soon!) All three of these items are essentials for my trip to the beach!

photo (18)

Everything pictured is from Target (of course).

Are you going on vacation this summer? Where are you going and what can you not live without while you’re there?

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Perfecting the Pool Tote

Hey Cats!

Now that it’s summer, I am at the pool in my neighborhood just about every day. In fact, I currently have a lovely pool perm from an after-dinner swim with my family! When I go during the day, I tend to camp out and stay for a few hours, which means I can’t just grab a towel and run- I need supplies! I also really like to be prepared for any situation, so it kind of freaks me out to not have things I might need. Over the past few summers, I have become a self-proclaimed expert at pool-tote packing. Here’s my list for a perfectly stocked bag!

First of all, you should start with a bag. Obviously. This bag should be big enough to keep all of your stuff in, but not too large to where you can’t handle it. It should also be durable and easy to clean, since it will be outside near water and dirt and children and heat. Also there’s a 100% guarantee your sunscreen will leak at least once in your life. I’ve had my bag for a few years, I actually used it in lieu of a backpack one year in high school. But I don’t really want to talk about that. It’s a big, Kate Landry tote made of vinyl and coated leather. It’s starting to show a little wear, but it’s lasted a really long time, and everything fits!


So now that you have the perfect bag, it’s time to fill it up! You should include

-A beach towel. Duh. I like mine fluffy and long enough to lay on my lounge chair!

-Tanning oil/sunscreen. Because melanoma would be sad.

-Your favorite pair of trendy sunnies

-A floppy hat for days you feel like being a diva. (Every day for me)

-Lip balm, because I always want it at the pool.

-A small pouch to store jewelry. You don’t want to lose a Tory stud in the pool like I did. (They were from Chinatown and I found it, but it was a terrifying twenty minutes.)

-Reading material. Either a magazine or a novel, depending on whether you’re wanting light reading or not.

-A cover-up for to and from the pool. Please don’t be that girl. Be appropriate. This can range from a cute tunic to an oversized sorority tank and shorts. I like to use both, depending on whichever is clean how I’m feeling that day.

-A hair tie and/or a headband. After-pool hair is always kind of a mess and needs to be tamed. I like leaving mine down and wearing a stretchy headband and letting it be free and wild. You decide what works best for your locks!

-A bottle of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the sun, so bring a couple! Even if you have a snowcone or Sonic happy hour, bring water, too!

-A snack. I always get hungry at the pool. I like Goldfish or granola bars, nothing too heavy or that melts.

-The pool key. It’s a sad day when you get all the way to the pool and realize you’ve left the key at home.


So there you have it! What necessities do you have in your pool bag?

Until next time!

Summer Style Watch

Hey Cats!

First of all, how do you like the new blog? It’s very chic and sleek, which is what I was wanting for the blog, so I love it!

Also, since I’m home for the summer, I have plenty of time to craft, cook, and blog! I have so many crafts I plan on making for my new house next year, and I’m excited to share them with you. If I end up actually doing them.

But for now, I’m going to share my picks for my favorite fashion trends this summer! Summer has always been my favorite season: swimming, sunshine, no school, and the freedom to dress however you want. Now that I’m in college, I can wear whatever I want all the time, but before I couldn’t wait to be free from school dress code and wear shorts and tank tops all the time! I’ve noticed that my style becomes more relaxed and bohemian during the summer. Normally, I steer clear of anything that could be deemed “bohemian” due to my mostly preppy and classic wardrobe, but there’s something about the natural, messy style that I can’t stay away from while frolicking in the sun from May-August. It’s also fun to mix more relaxed pieces with structured pieces to create a unique look. But more on that later!

The first thing I’m loving this summer is mix-and-match swimsuits. I am fully aware that this trend has been around for a while, but I have just now hopped on the train! I decided to go for solid colors, that way I can wear them together and mix them with the patterned pieces I already have. The possibilities are endless! I bought these two at JCPenney’s the other day- each piece was just $5! Also, JCP has turned into a new favorite store- everything is so cute now, and very affordable!

image (6) photo (3)

Next on my list is the maxi dress. I love maxi dresses- they can be dressed up or down, and are perfect for when you don’t feel like wearing anything too constricting. I feel like you can put on a maxi dress and say, “Well I really don’t care what I’m wearing but I’m still looking fabulous.” I’ve had my two favorites forever, but they’re both so versatile! I have a solid black dress that I like to wear with colorful sandals, statement earrings, and an armful of gold bangles. The printed dress I wear with wedges and my cropped denim jacket.

image (7)

I’m also on the hunt for a maxi skirt that I can pair with tanks and my denim jacket for a different look! I tried wearing the printed dress as a skirt to church a couple of weeks ago. It was really cute, but it was quite the struggle to walk and do other regular, necessary activities, so I won’t be doing that again. Also, my denim jacket that I mentioned has become a new favorite in my wardrobe. Living in East Texas/College Station, sometimes it’s okay to be a little bit country. I like to pair this with sundresses and boots when I go dancing, or over maxi dresses for church, or with other outfits when it might get a little chilly at night! I like mine because it’s cropped, so it’s not too bulky, and it has a cute design on the back that adds a little interest!

image (8) image (9)

Another thing I’m loving this summer is eyelet everything. Shorts, dresses, tops, you name it! I love the feminine look, and it’s the perfect summer fabric! My favorite is white, just because it’s crisp and classic, but it’s good to have colorful options, too! I love this eyelet tie-front tank from Dillard’s. It would pair well with colorful shorts, or a pair of dark wash cropped jeans and wedges!

eyelet top

Every summer, I have to get a new pair of sunglasses. It seems there’s always a new shape that’s in, and I like to try them out! Also, I tend to lose or break sunglasses more than the average person. This year, I’m loving oversized circle frames. Ever since I spotted Kourtney Kardashian wearing these fab Prada frames on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, I have been dying for them. Unfortunately, Prada is not within my college girl budget, so I’ll have to settle for the Target brand that’s not as fancy, but still the look I’m going for!


There are so many more trends I’m wanting to try for summer, but there isn’t enough time, and this post would be obnoxiously long! What are your favorite summer styles? I would love to hear from you!

Coming soon: crafts for all of those t-shirts you don’t wear anymore! Gather them up and get ready to give them a new job besides taking up space in your closet! Until next time!