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Hey Cats!

Happy Wednesday! I apologize for the lack of post on Monday-This was just too long of a post to start at 9pm the night before! So I decided to postpone it for a couple of days, hopefully you understand. So let’s just jump in: here’s the details on my latest Instagram posts! And if you’re not following along, you can do that here!

IMG_1378 (1)

I found the perfect substitution for the Naked palette! The Gilded Gold palette by Ulta is my new favorite thing! It’s definitely comparable in colors and quality, but for about half the price. I also purchased my go-to mascara, Colossal Cat Eye by Mabelline, and got a free gift that includes everything else that’s pictured! It was a great day for makeup!


One of the few work outfits I’ve featured lately! This Chambray Shirt Dress from Old Navy is one of my new favorites! It’s perfect for work or church, and you can wear it with heels or flats. It’s like the full body version of a chambray shirt, which I wear like every week, so obviously this is on repeat. I paired it with leopard smoking slippers, my Kendra Scott Alex earrings in chalcedony, and my Barrington bag!


These Vince Camuto heels have popped up quite a few times on the blog lately! They’re my new go-to nude heel for summer. They pair well with sundresses, rompers, and white jeans!

IMG_1495 (2)

Still can’t wait to take these to the beach in a week and a half! My Marley Lilly hat proved to be an excellent choice for a Derby party, and I’m excited to wear it at the beach as well! Paired with my coverup from Forever 21, which I couldn’t find online but found similar options here, here, and here.


This gallery wall in my bedroom is the pride and joy of my home decor. My prints were a gift, but I believe they came from Etsy! I like the prints from Luxe Art Prints, ItsLikeGoldDust, and Wall And Wonder. The arrow is from Hobby Lobby, as is the “K”! Perhaps my favorite part of this wall is the rhino. I got it at Target, but like literally everything else, I can’t find it. BUT! I found one that I also love in gold at Anthropologie! They also have a colorful collection of exotic animal busts, if your decor is a bit more eclectic.


This white top is a summer staple! I love this off the shoulder option, this similar option, and this short-sleeved option. I paired it with my Gap Girlfriend jeans and trusty Target sandals for a casual Friday work look.


A great mail day! This nameplate necklace from Marley Lilly is great for layering, and a Southern Living is always great for reading!


Another great mail day! This druzy cuff from Kinsley Armelle is a perfect addition to my wrist. Also, I am obsessed with this brand! They’re based right outside of Houston, and have adorable pieces that are unique and affordable, which I’m all about. Check them out!


You may have seen on Insta that I rediscovered my old Converse when I went to my parent’s house this weekend! I have a pair of hot pink high tops and a pair of black low-tops that I’ve had since middle school. I rescued them because they’re on trend again! Yay for shopping your closet!

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WorkIt Wednesday- Get Out of My Face.

Hey Cats!

As we speak, I’m catching up on The Bachelor, since it’s during my sorority meetings on Monday nights. It’s only been about ten minutes, but all I have to say is that these girls are super trashy. I’m not even sorry, and if it turns out like Juan Pablo’s season I may have to stop watching. I mean, that’s probably an empty threat, but please class it up, ladies. I digress.

Today on WorkIt Wednesday, we’re going to talk about my hair. And a little bit about yours, but mostly mine. I like to believe that I have really nice hair, and I like to wear it down most of the time. However, there is nothing more annoying than having it all in your face when you’re trying to be active. For eample, when I was a cheerleader, we would sometimes wear our hair down and straight to basketball games, because you know, everyone cared about how we looked standing in the corner squealing and dodging referees. I just remember a few times where I threw tumbling passes and thought I was going to DIE because my hair whipped over my eyes and I couldn’t see which way was up and everything was moving so fast. Ever since then, I’ve been a little judgy when I see girls with their hair down at the gym. I mean, your hair looks great, but does it not inhibit your workout? Maybe it’s just me, but I like my gym hair like I like anyone’s sass but my own- out of my face.

Here are some of my favorite accessories for a few different hair situations at the gym:

1. Clean Hair

I get it. Sometimes it’s Day 1, and you don’t want a ponytail bump or headband crease. On these days, I’ll just pull my hair back with an extra stretchy hair elastic, like these from Ulta. I like these because they don’t give me a ponytail bump, and they hold pretty well, too.


Sometimes I leave it at a ponytail, but other times I need a headband so the wispies don’t get in my way. I’ll wear a loose-fitting, cloth headband so my hair doesn’t get too greasy, and so I don’t get a headband crease! I have a similar pair of headwraps from Icing, and they’re great for keeping your hair out of the way but still allowing you to wear it down the next day!



2. Day 2 Hair

This is when you’re going to wash your hair before you have to look presentable again. I usually use one of the hair ties above, and pull my hair back with a thin headband. These from Under Armour are my favorites, because they have grips on the reverse side that keep them from sliding down your face while you’re running, because that poses a real problem.


3. Day 3 Hair

This typically occurs on a Saturday, when you definitely should have washed your hair the night before, but you either went out or you just didn’t feel like it, and your hair is greasy and beyond ratchet. The only option for this day? Put on a hat and cover that mess up. This is also a good option for when you don’t want to talk to anyone: just pull the brim down low enough and go on about your day. I have quite a few hats that I wear, mostly with a Texas A&M logo, but my favorite is my monogrammed camo hat from Mandy’s Monograms. It says “I’m pretty cute, but I’m also not messing around”.

photo (51)


So there you have it. Multiple ways to keep your luscious locks out of your face whilst breaking a sweat. Now that I’ve shared this with you, you have no reason to be “that girl” whose hair is the only thing getting a workout. Learn it, love it, live it. And it’s Wednesday, so don’t forget to #werkIt.

That’s all for meow!

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