Friday’s Five

Hey Cats!

Happy Friday…we made it! I feel like this week has flown by, which is great because I’m looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend. I’m going dancing with some new friends tonight, and then Saturday I plan to lay by the pool until I finish my book, or until I finally reach an acceptable level of tan, whichever comes first.

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week!

1. Fruity Ice Cubes 


I saw these pretty little ice cubes on Ashley Brooke Designs’ Instagram a week or so ago, and I died. 1. They’re beautiful, 2. This looks like a foolproof way to have infused water whenever I want. I had every intention of making these, so I bought raspberries, lemons, and limes at the grocery store. But then I got home and realized that I don’t have ice trays. And then, I went back to the grocery store in the middle of the week because I only had two types of cheese (THE HORROR), and I could not find ice trays anywhere. So we will try another store on another day.

2. Woods comma Elle, Inspirational Figure.

elle-woods2 I found this Buzzfeed article that shares 23 Important Life Lessons You Learned from Elle Woods. You may or may not know that it’s my not-so-secret life dream to be Elle Woods, so obviously I loved it. I used to watch Legally Blonde about once a semester to keep me from giving up, not even a joke.

3. Marley Lilly Downtown Tassel Crossbody 

ML-downtown purse

I love my classic monogrammed clutch  from Marley Lilly (you see it in about 75% of my Instagrams), but I’m also obsessed with this new Downtown Tassel purse. It’s a little dressier, and lately I have been fond of the initials rather than the traditional monogram. Not that I would ever turn either one down. This would be so cute for a night out, gameday, or just when you don’t want to carry your huge bag around!

4. Wall Decor


I have been wanting an animal head decoration on my wall for quite some time. That sounds so weird. But you have this photo for reference, so you know I’m not a freak. I like the deer, but I also like this golden cow skull from Benevolent Jewels! This would be cute wedged somewhere in a gallery wall! I like it because it’s like me- a little bit country, but a little bit glam, too. P.S., Benevolent Jewels has totally re-vamped their site, and it’s fabulous! Head over and check it out!

5. Life Saying

i do what i want

I found this on Pinterest the other day, and it made me think of myself. The other day, I told my friends that “I just have this thing where I don’t do anything I don’t want to do”. Once you get to that point in life, it’s just great. So go do whatever you want this weekend, I sure will.

That’s all for meow!

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Perfecting the Pool Tote

Hey Cats!

Now that it’s summer, I am at the pool in my neighborhood just about every day. In fact, I currently have a lovely pool perm from an after-dinner swim with my family! When I go during the day, I tend to camp out and stay for a few hours, which means I can’t just grab a towel and run- I need supplies! I also really like to be prepared for any situation, so it kind of freaks me out to not have things I might need. Over the past few summers, I have become a self-proclaimed expert at pool-tote packing. Here’s my list for a perfectly stocked bag!

First of all, you should start with a bag. Obviously. This bag should be big enough to keep all of your stuff in, but not too large to where you can’t handle it. It should also be durable and easy to clean, since it will be outside near water and dirt and children and heat. Also there’s a 100% guarantee your sunscreen will leak at least once in your life. I’ve had my bag for a few years, I actually used it in lieu of a backpack one year in high school. But I don’t really want to talk about that. It’s a big, Kate Landry tote made of vinyl and coated leather. It’s starting to show a little wear, but it’s lasted a really long time, and everything fits!


So now that you have the perfect bag, it’s time to fill it up! You should include

-A beach towel. Duh. I like mine fluffy and long enough to lay on my lounge chair!

-Tanning oil/sunscreen. Because melanoma would be sad.

-Your favorite pair of trendy sunnies

-A floppy hat for days you feel like being a diva. (Every day for me)

-Lip balm, because I always want it at the pool.

-A small pouch to store jewelry. You don’t want to lose a Tory stud in the pool like I did. (They were from Chinatown and I found it, but it was a terrifying twenty minutes.)

-Reading material. Either a magazine or a novel, depending on whether you’re wanting light reading or not.

-A cover-up for to and from the pool. Please don’t be that girl. Be appropriate. This can range from a cute tunic to an oversized sorority tank and shorts. I like to use both, depending on whichever is clean how I’m feeling that day.

-A hair tie and/or a headband. After-pool hair is always kind of a mess and needs to be tamed. I like leaving mine down and wearing a stretchy headband and letting it be free and wild. You decide what works best for your locks!

-A bottle of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the sun, so bring a couple! Even if you have a snowcone or Sonic happy hour, bring water, too!

-A snack. I always get hungry at the pool. I like Goldfish or granola bars, nothing too heavy or that melts.

-The pool key. It’s a sad day when you get all the way to the pool and realize you’ve left the key at home.


So there you have it! What necessities do you have in your pool bag?

Until next time!