How To: Quit the Gym

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Hey Cats!

 Happy Wednesday! This week has gotten off to an interesting start. Sunday night and early Monday morning, Houston and the surrounding areas flooded, so Monday I worked from home. Fortunately, it wasn’t terrible in the area I live in, but I have teacher friends who may not be able to go to work at all this week- yikes! We are expecting more rain this week, so please keep Houston and the surrounding areas in your prayers!


For those of you who are a bit confused by the title of this blog post, let me explain. My last year of college, I was obsessed with going to the gym. I went every day and it  became my favorite pastime, stress relief, and way to avoid homework. I was convinced that it would be a lasting habit. Well, then I started working full time and no longer had the spacious, free rec center filled with courteous individuals, and working out got to be really difficult.

After searching for a gym with an indoor track for weeks, I found none. I refused to use the treadmill in my apartment and after a few weeks without doing my ab circuit or lifting weights, I started to notice a change in my appearance, my energy level, and my mood. So I hastily bought a membership to what I deemed the best replacement, a large local gym that was affordable and close to my office.

And I hated it. It was so crowded at 6 pm that I rarely was able to finish a workout. People were rude and literally told me I was in their way. And don’t get me started on the creepy men that stared all the time. I missed the rec center, the indoor track, and boys that didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I cried about it, not a joke.

I toughed it out for a while, but ended up going to the gym only once or twice a week. I tried Pure Barre but I decided it was for wimps (sorry if you like, love it.). I was so frustrated with how my level of fitness had fallen in the past few months, but I didn’t know what to do. I was tired of paying for a gym I didn’t use, but I didn’t want to have zero options.

My mom had been suggesting for months that I try to find workout videos and use the gym in my apartment complex. I kept telling her that workout videos were for wimpy girls and I only liked to run on the actual ground and lift real weights, so no thank you. But out of desperation, I started searching one day, and came across the Nike Training Club app. I was skeptical, but I perused the workouts and they looked really great! They incorporated cardio and strength training which was perfect. So I did it. I quit the gym. No more monthly fees, no more frustration over unfinished workouts, no more excuses for not getting a workout in.

As much as I loved the gym, it just doesn’t fit into my life anymore. It was a strange transition, but I’m so glad I quit the gym. Here are some tips for those of you who are in a similar situation:

  1. Find a program you love. Whether it’s the Nike Training Club, Blogilates, or a routine from a personal trainer, the possibilities are endless! Actually, since I have someone telling me what to do, I’ve noticed more consistent results, as opposed to when I would just wander around the weight room and say, “oh this looks like something I can do without embarrassing myself!”. Switch it up when you get bored, that’s the beauty of quitting the gym!
  2. Invest in equipment. You’ll have to choose your program first, but I would suggest starting with a yoga mat and a pair of hand weights at the very least. I use the mat for all floor exercises, and the hand weights for a variety of exercises, like lunges, arm presses, and abs. You can expand into a medicine ball and resistance bands, too! At first, I didn’t want to spend the money on these things, but compared to a gym membership it’s pretty reasonable. Plus, they do not have to be expensive- both of mine are from Marshall’s!
  3. Use your resources. Earlier I mentioned that I did not want to use the treadmill in my apartment complex. Well. I had to get over that. Obviously, I can’t go for a run inside my apartment. If your apartment complex has a treadmill, use it-you pay for it! I only use it when it rains or when I want a quick run, because I feel like a hamster on treadmills. I found a small neighborhood behind my apartment complex that I’ve been running through when the weather is nice. It’s full of old people, so it seems pretty safe. But always be mindful of your surroundings!
  4. Do not stop with the coordinated workout outfits. Hi, sometimes the only reason I could convince myself to go to the gym was by wearing my LuluLemon tights. Not a joke. So I still like to look cutie, even if I’m by myself.
  5. Break it up. If you can’t stand the thought of working out at home all the time, consider attending a workout class once a week or so.
  6. Stick to it. It can be difficult to keep yourself accountable to a workout plan when you can literally walk two steps and plant yourself on the couch for the evening. But if I can do it, so can you! I like to make it a challenge for myself. I never turn on the TV until I’ve finished my workout. I also like to have a set time to start. I come home, eat a snack and am ready to go at 5:45. Trying to get back into the routine is extremely difficult, but once you’re used to it again, you start looking forward to it!

So there you have it. Did I convince you to quit the gym? It’s definitely easier than I thought! I don’t think this will be a forever fitness routine for me, but it’s working right now! Do you exercise at home or go to a gym? Which do you prefer? Let me know!

WorkIt Wednesday- My Country Workout Playlist

Hey Cats!

It’s Hump Day! And this week’s Pre-Friday since it’s a short week for most of us. And it’s payday, which is exciting but we’re not going to talk about how I’ve already spent 1/4 of my July shopping budget online at JCrew Factory last night, but we will talk about how all of the clearance was an extra 50% off and I got some great deals, so it’s not thaaaaat bad.


Anyways, WorkIt Wednesday is a (not-so-regular) series where I like to share my tips and tidbits that help me personally live a healthier lifestyle, in hopes that it helps you, too! Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite workout playlists. You may remember my Power Playlist from a few months back. That’s what I listen to when I’m really needing some motivation to get through my ab circuit. However, sometimes I’m just not in the mood for pop music- I want something a little calmer, but still upbeat. I love country music in general, but a lot of it is too slow to listen to while I work doesn’t really keep me moving. Recently, I’ve put together a few of my favorite country songs that help me keep the pace!

An easy way to shake up your workout is just change your music! If you’re a country music fan like me and are wanting a bit of a different sound for your afternoon treadmill trot, give this playlist a try and let me know how you like it!

That’s all for meow!

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Wish List

Hey Cats!

It’s getting to that point of Christmas break where I am Over. It. and beyond ready to have something productive to do with my time. Know what I did yesterday? I ate candy and sat at my desk trying to write a blog post for five plus hours, straightened my hair, went to the gym, and then teared up at multiple articles titled “Things you MUST do your last semester of college”.


Amidst all of those wonderful activities, I came across a few items I’ll definitely be needing in my closet in the near future, so I decided to share them with you. Think of this as a list of things I’ll be rewarding myself with throughout the semester for various achievements such as good grades or not skipping class for an entire week (hey- senior year is hard).

1. Barrington Monogram Stripe St. Anne Tote


Okay, hi, I will be buying this as soon as I get paid, not even a joke. You know I’m obsessed with Barrington totes, and the other day I stumbled upon their new Monogram Stripe Collection and I just about died. The second I have the option to put my name or initials on something, I instantly need it. This bag reminds me a lot of the monogrammed Louis Vuitton bags, but this one is a much more cost-efficient option. As usual, I love the size, color, and durability of this tote, and it’s #1 on my Prioritized Purchase List.

2. I Can’t Even tank


I love a good graphic tee, so when I came across this tank on Thug Life Shirts, I got really excited. I was thinking that I could wear it to the gym, but then I was worried if people would stare, but then I remembered that I often wear my tank that says “YOLO” and has a picture of Drake as the RL Polo man to the gym, so I could definitely pull this off. Buying it.

3. LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Loafers


I had such inner turmoil about these loafers when I was trying to decide how to spend my Christmas money. My sister has a very similar pair, and she wears them with everything, and we like to be twins so I really wanted a pair for myself. However, I was also dying for short brown booties, but I could only afford one pair. I couldn’t decide which one was the better investment, so I decided to buy whichever ones I found first that were the right size and the right price. The booties won (and I love them), but I still have my heart set on these. One day, my friends. One day.

4. JCrew Factory Pleated Mini

jcrew skirt

Since I will no longer be going to school and work on the same day, I’m feeling compelled to not wear jeans to work every day. This skirt from JCrew Factory would be perfect with tights and boots and a sweater for winter, and would also pair well with a chambray and flats in the spring! I love the camel color- it’s a new favorite neutral!

5. Meme Alphabet Bracelet from BaubleBar

baublebarbraceletYou may remember this little gem from a previous post, and I’m still obsessed. Once I decide which one I want, this BaubleBar bracelet will probably become an impulse purchase on a Friday night when I’m tired of homework and have nothing better to do with my time.

What’s on your wish list right now? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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